Wutan Bath

Control, discipline, flexibility, balance: learning a martial art teaches you all of these things in body, mind and soul.

With the Bath branch of Wutan, the UK's oldest traditional school of Chinese martial arts, you can learn different arts to suit your particular needs and focus. Beginners are always welcome in any class, although there are some classes specifically tailored to beginners. We also have some classes specifically for children.

The Wutan school covers a range of arts that use both internal/meditative and external/combatative principles.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a gentle martial art that improves physical balance and stability through slow, flowing movement. It is a primarily non-contact art.

At Wutan Bath we combine it with related arts such as Qi Gung (a more energetic series of movements used to get muscles and blood moving freely), Sensing Hands (moving with a partner), Hsing I, and Pa Gua (circle-walking) to give you a fully-rounded education.

Kung Fu

Wutan Kung Fu covers aspects of Wing Chun and Chai Lei Fut. While you might not recognise the names, you will almost certainly have heard of the Five Animals styles of Chai Lei Fut, and Wing Chun is the art that started Bruce Lee's career.

Wutan Bath's Kung Fu classes include Chai Lei Fut, Wing Chun Preying Mantis style and Chinese Kickboxing.


New Beginner's class for Dave's Wednesday night Yang-Style Tai Chi starts on the 11th of September - more details on the Classes page.